Eye Shadow Brush

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Best Eye Makeup Brushes

Eyeshadow brushes are good when it comes to applying, shading and blending the eyelid. When applying eyeshadow, it's good that you use the best eyeshadow brushes, which you can easily find in makeup stores. The best eyeshadow brushes are generally denser compared to brushes that are used for blushing or blending. To be able to tell the density of the brush, see it in person before you buy. It's not an easy job to master eye makeup. It is important that you know the basics for your eyes to look on point. You need to choose the best eye makeup brushes and get to know the specific part it is used for. When shopping for eye makeup brushes, choose the ones with the best quality because they will be more durable than the ones with very poor quality. You should as well buy the ones you can easily afford. 

Apply your eyeshadow easily with our brush. High quality, tightly packed synthetic hairs with a matte black wooden handle and rose gold Ferrule.  

Angled shape allows for easy blending and maximum control.

100% cruelty free.

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