Liquid Eye Shadow

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Matte Liquid Eyeshadow

Liquid eyeshadow plays a crucial part in highlighting the eyelids with a burst of colors. It can be in a tube, which makes it easy to be applied to the eyelid. Once it's applied, it stays in place easily, and it's hard for it to runoff. With it, you can create precise lines. The application of liquid eyeshadow makes the eyes of the wearer stand out and looks more attractive. Matte liquid eyeshadow is best recommended if you want a subtle look. This is because it's free of glitter and shine, and it has the ability to amplify the eye color without emphasizing any fine lines on the lids. It's mostly preferred because it's powerfully pigmented, has waterproof shadows, can be on for a long time, and it's crease-resistant. A stunning look is achieved when you apply the right blended colors of matte eyeshadow during the day.

Nine captivating shades of our shimmer and glow "Glitter Collection". Enhance your look with our non tacky, non transfer and natural liquid eye shadow. Adhesive base prevents fallout and no primer needed!

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